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Cloud Computing

Although I wanted to post more I didn’t have the time to blog on some hot topics in the last two weeks.Cloud Computing is one of the new terms flying around the Net.I came across a post from Joseph Kent Langley explaining pretty good what being in the clouds is all about:


Cloud Computing (Figure 1.0) is a commercial extension of computing resources like computation cycles and storage offered as a metered service similar to a physical public utility like electricity, water, natural gas, or telephone network. It enables a computing system to acquire or release computing resources on demand in a manner such that the loss of any one component of the system will not cause total system failure. Cloud computing also allows the deployment of software applications into an environment running the necessary technology stack for the purposes of development, staging, or production of a software application. It does all this in a way that minimizes the necessary interaction with the underlying layers of the technology stack.

More compactly stated, cloud computing is a commercial extension of utility computing that enables scalable, elastic, highly available deployment of software applications while minimizing the level of detailed interaction with the underlying technology stack itself.

Other nice posts on Cloud Computing can be found on the High Scalability website.I hope to get deeper look on the topic in near future and post more info here.

Update: More info on the topic in the Defining Cloud Computing post in InfoQ. List with 9 features that make up Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud computing:

  1. Virtualization Layer Network Stability
  2. API for Creation, Deletion, Cloning of Instances
  3. Application Layer Interoperability
  4. State Layer Interoperability
  5. Application Services
  6. Automatic Scale
  7. Hardware Load Balancing
  8. Storage as a Service
  9. Root access, If Required
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Database Virtualization

Following the series of virtualization posts today I dig up for some papers and articles on database virtualization which is another hot topic that is coming in near future.I found a bunch of good posts and a few papers , but still there is a lack of precise information and clear implementation.I even read some posts where database virtualization was claimed impossible and unpractical.We’ll see what the practice will show with the evolution of virtual environments.Here I will post a few links to papers I find informative and on which I may comment later.

Virtualization – Explaining the different sorts of virtualization (Overview)
Update Publications: University of Waterloo

Update: Surprisingly I found that my post is listed on a paper from Sun Microsystems & MySQL & VMWare  here and here ! Thanks for promoting my blog!

Internet-Scale Services

Every now and then, I like to spend some time on reading articles and papers about developing and administrating database information systems.Today I came across the Lisa conference (Large Installation System Administration) and particularly on the paper On Designing and Deploying Internet-Scale Services where you can read a bunch of important advices on how to develop and administrate a big online platform and many more ) Also if you have interest you can look at the other participants in the conference Lisa 2007 .

Update: A Service-Oriented Data Grid: Beyond Storage Virtualization, at USENIX LISA07

Another interesting post following the database topic I found in Labnotes blog is

Read Consistency: Dumb Databases, Smart Services – the article is a bit longer but there are good points reminding us what is important in DB world.