Polyglot Persistence

After the popular term of Polyglot Programming, which basicaly means using different languages according to your needs, now the Polyglot Persistance is becoming gradually a well spread definition. This term means that you can use multiple storages for your data according to the domain it represents. You can have both SQL and NoSQL databases serving to your application needs at the same time. Having in mind all the new database software from the last years, the increase in stored data and its distribution, I think that the emergence of Polyglot Persistance is something very natural. The time of using only one general relational database storage as MySQL or PostreSQL is over and it’s time to move to domain optimized storage applications. The Polyglot Persistance is exactly this kind of abstraction that will lead us in this direction. However, there are new challenges that we have to face. The transition and migration of data between the different datastores and data structures will be a hard task to solve. Probably it will be a good idea to find a common data structure standard(XML protocol) that will allow the data exchange between the various storages. I am curious to see what will happen in near future 🙂

Here I will post some links with additional information on the subject:

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