TodorMy name is Todor and this is our blog on big data and related topics. I like to experiment with software and find solutions to problems around the development process and this is the place where I put my notes.I am broadly interested in the design of complex distributed software systems for data-intensive applications. Particularly, I am interested in internal architectures, virtualization, performance optimizations, scalability, effective storage and processing of structured and unstructured data in large systems. In my free time I like to read, be in nature, travel and meet new people.

150202_C_006My name is Oliver. I am interested in big data since 2009. I co-founded a traffic analysis company and sold it to an investor in 2013. At the moment I work for the investor who gave me the opportunity to scale the business. Within the big data field my special interest is in distributed complex event processing and the support of business process by big data enabled machine learning. Beside big data I am interested in financials, sports, travelling and I am a passionate salsa dancer.

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