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Weekly Highlights #47-48


As the term NoSQL is popping around more and more I decided to dedicate a special post where I put all interesting posts and links on the subject. It’s good to have a better overview of the existing technologies.


The NOSQL-Environment (Not Only SQL)

NoSQL Architecture

NoSQL Databases – Part 1 – Landscape

NoSQL Ecosystem

YeSQL: An Overview of the Various Query Semantics in the Post Only-SQL World

NoSQL – the Shift to a Non-Relational World

NoSQL hub


Episode 165: NoSQL and MongoDB with Dwight Merriman

Episode 162: Project Voldemort with Jay Kreps

Episode 157: Hadoop with Philip Zeyliger


ICOODB 2010 – 3rd International Conference on Objects and Databases / September 28-30, 2010

Virtualization as part of the Cloud

This week in my blogging news I see an interesting trend of accepting and realizing that  the Virtualization  is part of the Cloud Computing. I think this is no surprise as the term Cloud Computing is cited as something general and there are various definitions of it.The Cloud is kind of the main term which encapsulates various layers of abstractions ( existing technologies ) with the main goal to make big data centers ( systems ) easier to manage and use.So here is again a list of the most interesting links:

  1. Cloud Hyping?
  2. Virtualization for Dummies
  3. Ubuntu, Now Serving Virtual Machines From Concentrate
  4. Ubuntu Vurtualization Documentation