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Code Leaders and Beautiful Teams

Summary of Code Leaders and Beautiful Teams
Roy Osherove discusses principles and practices that make teams more effective, successful and happy. Team topics covered: automating everything possible, buying/using/discarding tools, getting quick feedback, communicating without using meetings, building by feature not layer, code & tests reviewing. Lead topics: bottleneck ninja, integrity, removing obstacles

It’s worth taking the time and watching this talk.He points out some really important issues in team work and gives some ideas how to improve them.Here are some links from the presentatioin:


Update:  Use of Kanban in the Operations Team at Spotify

Update 06.10.2010: Kanban – Crossing the Line, Pushing the Limit or Rediscovering the Agile Vision?

Set height property of comboBox

I have problem setting the height property of  my comboBox control with DropDownStyle set to DropDownList.After some time experimenting with the properties I found the right one. In order to fully customize your comboBox you have first to set the DrawMode property of your box to OwnerDrawVariable.Then you’ll be able to set your custom values.

Helpful links:


Today I needed to do some dateTime formatting in XSLT 1.0 and I found that it was not an easy task. After digging in Google I found really nice  dateTime functions but all of them were available in XSLT 2.0 .Of course I am using  MSXML 6.0 coming with .NET and that’s the last version. Microsoft have promised to release support for XSLT 2.0 in 2007  but it is still not available. The .NET 3.5  is out  for a few years  now although the XSLT 2.0  is w3 standard since 2007.So we just have to wait !?

After discovering the reality i searched for alternative ways and I came across EXSLT. There I found what I needed in various implementations:

EXSLT – date:difference

I  just downloaded the template of the function(xsl file) and included it in my XSLT files as shown on the page and everything worked perfect. It is also possible to import it as a xslt or javascript function. The whole code implementation is  put in a file. Another cool thing is the output of  the date:difference function which looks like

P1Y2M3DT10H30M  for a duration of 1 year, 2 months, 3 days, 10 hours, and 30 minutes. This is also w3 documented and works great.

I have found some advices from Microsoft how to use EXSLT in .NET:

EXSLT: Enhancing the Power of XSLT

It seems to me that they are also aware of the missing functionality in XSLT processor. You can also check the XML/XSL Portal .