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The Future of Microsoft Embedded Devices

winembedded_masthead_ltr.gifIn the last days I came across two interesting videos on Channel9 showing where Microsoft Embedded technologies are headed to.The first one is the unseen Microsoft and the second is A look behind Windows Embedded .In both videos they are showing examples of existing devices working on Windows Embedded and also discussing new devices coming in near future.The new version 6 of Windows Embedded CE is out.To conclude I would say that Microsoft are really into the Embedded device development and are looking optimistically on the coming 7-8 years.

Testing Microsoft Weblog Writer

I just downloaded and installed this new prog called Blog Writer.That will be my first post with it and from what I see it will not be the last one.The idea beside is to use the program remotely to write your blog content and posts and to to upload them directly to your blog so you don’t need to log in or out! Moreover it will be much easier to post on multiple different blogs only for a seconds without chaning URLs.So let see! Hope it works 🙂